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The dangers of publishing bad content

by Ben Fitzpatrick

Most businesses don't consider the dangers of publishing bad content. This video explores how this content is actually damaging your brand, as well as share a 3 point checklist that you can use to ensure your content strategy is working for your business.

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SSL warnings & a content marketing tip

by Catherine Dix

Google have recently alerted webmasters that they need and SSL Certificate. Find out more about that and a content marketing tip in our latest video

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11 future-proof link building tactics that work

by Sujan Patel

Ranking at the top of Google requires links from other websites. But building quality links is really hard to do. In this video, Sujan Patel gives his top tips.

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How long should content be?

by Alex Cleanthous

How many words should an article have? Is 1,000 words better than 10,000? How long should a video be? Is 3 minutes better than 15 minutes? Here's our #1 rule

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