How to Build an Emailing List

A good solid email list can be worth a lot of money to you as an internet marketer. With this in mind it’s obviously in your best interests to get as many people signed up for your list as possible – legally and legitimately.

But people won’t add their names and email addresses to your list unless you have something to offer them in return. This is where free offers, free newsletters and free downloads come into play.

It should be noted however that simply offering something for free won’t persuade everyone to sign up. You need to provide something that has value, and preferably something that they cannot get anywhere else.

Many internet marketers offer a free weekly newsletter to keep in touch with their customers, and send an extra bonus when someone signs up. This is typically a free report or e-book which is targeted specifically at the type of customer the marketer wants to have on their list.

For example, let’s say you have a wide range of e-books to sell on the subject of search engine optimisation. You could offer a free newsletter giving away weekly tips on how to get more traffic to your website and offer a free report in exchange for an email address, revealing the three mistakes almost every website owner makes which cost them mountains of traffic.

Anyone with their own website would no doubt be interested in receiving this free report, as well as the regular weekly tips. If they benefit as a result (remember that your free products should be valuable to the person receiving them) there is every chance they will buy something from you in the future.

Once you have a good solid offer you need to make sure as many people who are interested in that subject area will see it. Put a sign up box prominently on the top half of your website’s home page; put one on your blog if it covers the same subject; try writing articles on traffic generation and SEO tips and including a link to your website where people can sign up, and post them to various article directories.

You won’t be able to build a huge emailing list overnight, but with continued effort your list will grow over time. It’s worth remembering that if you make an offer available to everyone on your email list, you are likely to get a huge take up rate, because the people on that list know you and trust your information.

That’s why a huge email list is worth working for.

George Cleanthous

George Cleanthous

SEO Strategist at Web Profits

Formerly of EY and Alcatel, George has extensive experience in many facets of online marketing and has developed an expert analytics skill set. Specialising in Search, George helps drive innovation and the application of our search engine optimisation strategy.