How to get the most out of SEO

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Hi my name is Catherine, I specialise in building visibility for brands via organic search and driving inbound traffic to websites.

I’d like to ask you a couple of questions about how you run your marketing strategy…

Do you find it challenging to get results from organic search or SEO?

Do you find it hard to understand how the strategy works or how it fits within the rest of your digital marketing activities?

Often this is the case, and I find that it can stem from the misconception that SEO should be treated as a siloed marketing strategy, when in fact by doing this it can impact the overall success of your digital results.

We get the best results for our clients from organic search when we leverage learnings from other channels and apply them to our SEO strategy, and vice versa when we leverage the strategies that we’re implementing for SEO to impact performance on other channels.

To build out your success with organic search, it’s important to learn from your other channels.

By integrating these learnings, performance across all channels can increase.

Part of the misconception with SEO is the view that it is some sort of ‘magic’ or ‘mystery’, and oftentimes businesses or marketing managers just want results without necessarily understanding how it is done.

Having a strategy siloed from the main digital strategy, and treated as something separate and independent of the business itself means that you can actually miss opportunities to make it successful.

SEO strategies impact and encompass so many important parts of the whole digital journey and experience.

For example, your site will not be ranked on the first page of search if there is a negative or bad user experience or if the time it takes to load is too slow so users get bored and go back to search results, your SEO approach should work alongside your UX or design team.

Content that engages on Social channels, queries asked to your Sales team – these are all ways you can integrate your content marketing approach for SEO.

All of these insights and strategies feed into one another to create an omnichannel strategy that performs and delivers return for your business.

We build links through promotion of partner relationships or supplier networks, this strategy isn’t just about the SEO value of link acquisition it’s also about relationship building and promoting your brand through its networks.

Outreach to these partners or suppliers could even develop and grow your leads or sales by creating an additional channel for referrals.

Your Paid campaigns on search are excellent opportunities for learning.

You can find and identify the top performing Ad copy or messaging and then integrate this into your SEO optimisation – so your Title Tags or Meta Descriptions.

By implementing these learnings we have increased click through rate on search results ranked on Page 1, positively impacting the overall performance of that campaign.

I recommend that when approaching your digital strategy and the channels you are leveraging to deliver results, you step back and examine how SEO is integrated.

In this way you do not fall into the trap of treating it as a silo.

By taking this approach you can really grow your organic performance and build strong, lasting results that will support the overarching goal of the strategy.

Each activity, resource or asset you create can definitely be leveraged in a variety of ways to achieve multiple wins across all your channels and strategies.

Integrating SEO into an omnichannel marketing approach, similar to how we build out our Fluid Marketing campaigns for clients is something we love to talk about.

If you have experience or challenges with your organic performance I’d love to hear from you – either on LinkedIn or in the Comments on Facebook.

Thanks for watching.

Catherine Dix

Catherine Dix

Head of Digital Consulting at Webprofits
As the Head of Digital Consulting, Catherine is focused on the quality and excellent delivery of services for all of Webprofits clients.

Catherine is responsible for managing the consulting team and our service capability across Australia, Singapore and the US.

With over 8 years experience in Digital Marketing, Catherine is adept at advising C-suite executives on how to build successful digital strategies for growth.

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