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Web Profits named Rising Star at first global Bing Partner Awards

by Paul Sprokkreeff

We’re really excited to announce that Microsoft has presented Web Profits its APAC Rising Star Award at its inaugural Global Bing Partner Awards ceremony held in Seattle, USA. The awards honour individuals and organisations behind some of the mos ...

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What voice search means for the future of digital marketing

by Alex Cleanthous

With the growth of mobile voice search is growing fast. Add to that the usage of Siri, Cortana, etc and voice search is impacting the industry in a big way.

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Google Penguin 4.0 recovery case studies

by George Cleanthous

It’s been three months since the real-time Google Penguin algorithm update was put in place. It's time to look at some real world penguin recovery case studies.

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What you need to know about Google's change to search results
Digital Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, SEO

What you need to know about Google’s change to search results

by Duncan Jones

This article breaks down exactly how Google's latest change, to desktop search results, will affect your business and what you should do differently.

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How to generate phone leads from Google AdWords

by Mitchell McCormick

Find out how to use Google AdWords to generate phone leads for your business.

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