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Content marketing is about far more than producing blog articles or informative videos. It’s about creating content, in a multitude of forms, which speaks to your target audience early in the buying cycle (or before it’s even begun).

Then it’s about nurturing the audience through successive pieces of content and advertising messages, until they’re ready to make a decision. The fostering of this relationship establishes you as an authority on the subject with your audience.

The many forms of content

Here are some of the types of content we’ve created for our clients.
  • Articles

    Well researched, professionally written and informative posts from 500 - 1500 words

  • Listicles

    A collated list of items, with a paragraph of information about each. It could list reasons to do something, tips/hacks, or something else that's useful to the industry.

  • Checklists

    Can be used either as a page in its own right, or can be used as a downloadable resource for an article. These can be highly successful as an email capture for the right client/topic.

  • Ebooks

    An increasingly popular resource that can be created for clients from both an SEO and email marketing perspective.

  • Infographics

    Visual representation of factual and/or interesting information that is relevant to your audience. Highly shareable on social media

  • Guides

    An in-depth article that is generally focused on a highly researched topic. These pages are focused on being informative and extensive in terms of factual information presented

  • Interviews

    Contains the responses by an expert/the client to questions that have been composed by the Web Profits content team.

  • Timeline

    A timeline is a visual representation of the stages a product/service/event has gone through over a period of time.

It starts with research

Before we write a single word or draw an image, we’ll analyse your data, audience, and competition to understand what type of content will work best on your target audience, as well as how and when to reach to them. This not only ensures that we create relevant, engaging content but also gives us an idea of how and where we’ll promote it before it’s even been written.
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Promotion is key

Each piece of content has a unique promotion strategy. The form that the content takes will help to define which platforms and techniques are used to promote it. Some that we use are:

Facebook and Instagram

Some pieces lend themselves well to being posted directly onto social media platforms to build engagement.

Native content advertising

Adverts within external articles are known to have a significantly higher click-through-rate

Influencer marketing

Finding the right influencer to promote on your behalf can help you reach an audience far greater than your own

Manual outreach

For some content types, nothing beats speaking to a real person and asking if they’re interested in it.

Email marketing

Your email database is one of your biggest assets and most pieces of content can be used to build on existing relationships.

Viral sharing loops

The right type of content can encourage or even reward further promotion by those who have consumed it.

YouTube and video amplification

Often neglected despite being the second biggest social media platform, Youtube videos have huge potential to educate and engage your audience.

Content can be taken to a new level when it’s combined with Growth Marketing

  • Your own multi-channel digital marketing team

    Content marketing integrates with other channels better than any other form of marketing. Other channels are essential for the design and promotion, and it should be used at the top of the funnel to drive interest and traffic.

  • A unique service like you have never seen before

    It’s a premium service for companies that want to take their marketing (and sales results) to a level they’ve never experienced before.

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Our expert team loves building relationships

With Web Profits, you’ll get direct access to specialists from our SEO, design, and social media teams for maximum effect.

Catherine Dix

Head of Digital Consulting

Jacqueline Charlton

Principal Consultant,
Search + Content Marketing

Nicholas Brogden

Principal Consultant,
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Briahna Jovevski

Search + Content Marketing

Shayen de Silva

Search + Content Marketing

Chloe Potvin

Search + Content Marketing

Alex Mason

Senior Consultant,
Search + Content Marketing

Jerry Siekierski

Senior Consultant,
Search + Content Marketing

David Schneider

Search + Content Marketing

Jessica Grassick

Search + Content Marketing

Rebecca Starr

Search + Content Marketing

Fiorella Rafael

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Here's some of the content we've created


This downloadable guide not only captured email addresses for our client, but spoke to their target audience towards the top of the sales funnel, before their services were required. This provided them with a communication channel to the client to progress them through the funnel.


By showcasing interesting designs, our client was able to show that they understand architecture. Not only was it an intesrsting piece to engage followers, but a good page to attract new visitors and introduce them to the client's brand


This interactive graphic educated visitors about different cuts of beef and then recommended member restaurants as the best place to try them


The purpose of this interactive graphic was to be shared on social media, and acted as a valuable content piece to our client by promoting food and wine pairing offers from their members.


The content of this eBook for a skincare brand goes hand in hand with their product, and was a great resource to generate email addresses of potential customers


We collated stastics from around the web in relation to this client's service, and re-purposed it into an infographic which resulted in valuable backlinks and social media engagement


This guide amalgamates the advice of experts who we reached out to prior to writing. After publishing, we reached out to those experts again who shared it across their networks, generating significant traffic and engagement for our client.


This downloadable guide of holiday destinations was perfect for their target demographic, and was used as a lead magnet to capture email addresses


This seasonal guide was designed into a calendar to show the best time of year for gardening tasks, as well as when to plant specific fruit, vegetables and plants

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