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Emails are essential for any digital marketing strategy because they give you the opportunity deliver a great message, straight to your prospect. Each of those prospects has shown enough interest in what you do to consent to being contacted, so make the most of it.

But if you’re smart about it, you can reach out to them frequently and at the most opportune moment, to convert them into sales and revenue.

Email sequences and auto-responders are one of the most efficient ways to get value from your email database. And at Web Profits we build campaigns that deliver in both the long and short term.

First you need to build a database

There’s not much point in having a great email campaign if you don’t have a database to send to.

We’ll apply the secrets we’ve learned from trying hundreds of different tactics to ensure your database of qualified addresses grows fast, and keeps on growing. These include:

  • Viral competitions
  • Lead magnets
  • Content upgrades
  • Email capture apps and plugins
  • And more

Then you need an epic strategy

Looking at your business, your market and your goals, we’ll tailor an email marketing strategy to get the results you’re after. Then we’ll track, optimise and improve your campaigns, to drive results higher and higher.

Take emails to a whole new level with Growth Marketing

  • Your own multi-channel digital marketing team

    Email marketing is core part of an integrated marketing strategy, but works best when combined with epic content, engaging social media and great design.

  • A unique service like you have never seen before

    Growth marketing can help make email a key part of your overall marketing strategy to take your results to the next level.

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To do this, you’ll need an expert team on your side

Our email marketing specialists work closely with our Social Media and CRO teams to ensure that email
complements your overall marketing strategy.

Ollie de Vries

Head of Acquisition

Peter Yun

Head of UX + Design

Matthew Siddle

Principal Consultant
Acquisition Marketing

Natalie Turner

Principal Consultant
Acquisition Marketing

Tait Lawson

Acquisition Marketing

Case study Etixx

Etixx Sports Nutrition came to us to to grow their brand awareness of their sophisticated nutritional products and supplements within their target market - any individual who wanted to be active on a professional, recreational or amature sports level.

  • Over 12,000 cyclists ADDED TO AN email list
  • Over 800 triathletes within Australia JOINED OUR DATABASE

We developed an email list building strategy through creative social and content marketing targeted specifically at the cycling & triathlon industry with highly niche content around major events, personalities and nutritional advice.


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