How does Fluid Marketing work?

New era of marketing

The digital marketing landscape has changed, and any business that wants to dominate its competition can no longer take a siloed approach to growth.

A modern day marketing strategy needs to be comprehensive in targeting customers throughout (and beyond) the traditional marketing funnel, with a consistent and cohesive approach.

Fluid Marketing is a service that does exactly that, combining and integrating marketing channels to produce exciting results.

Agile & adaptive

After building a tailor-made strategy, we monitor the results closely to understand what works best. That data is used constantly to adapt the strategy according to its most successful components.

We can do this due to the unique structure of the team assigned to each client. With each member, actively contributing to the success of each channel.

So, how does it work?

Fluid Marketing is the marketing approach of having multiple channels working in unison to deliver results. Each strategy is a unique combination of channels and tactics, designed to best suit your goals.

Greater than the sum of our parts

We have experts across every aspect of digital marketing, but the strength of each strategy stems from the connections between them rather than the power of each marketing channel.

Duncan Jones

Head of CRO

Catherine Dix

Head of Content Marketing + SEO

Katherine Chalhoub

Head of Social

George Cleanthous

Content Marketing + SEO Strategist

Ben Fitzpatrick

National Manager Operational Excellence

Ollie de Vries

CRO Strategist

Ales Pokora

Social Media Strategist

Matthew Siddle

CRO Specialist

Jason Garrard

Social Media Specialist

Jacqueline Charlton

Content Strategist

Sophie McAulay

Content Strategist

Natalie Turner

CRO Specialist

Nicholas Brogden

CM + SEO Specialist

Case study Aussie Broadband

With the NBN rollout rapidly expanding around Australia, Aussie Broadband wanted to get their name out there as an approved provider and generate qualified leads from targeted geographical areas within Australia.

  • 2,717 leads generated from one channel
  • +6,500 leads Leads from the full campaign in one month

Web Profits created an Availability Checker landing page with unique thank you pages dependant on if the NBN was available. We then conducted extensive keyword research and built highly targeted Adwords and Bing search and remarketing campaigns and optimised and improved them daily to great success.

With the volume of leads high and rapidly growing the focus then shifted to increasing the quality of these leads - possible through the creation of a campaign specific, custom built lead tracking solution.


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