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Proven over years of testing and tracking

The Web Profits landing page design style is focused less on “looking good” than it is on getting the reader to read your message and take action (although we do want them to look good as well).

Our designs are based on what’s proven to work from the research yielded from tracking and analysing the conversion results of thousands of tests as well as the latest on eye-tracking and motivational research.

Everything, including the look of the text, images, colours and layout are designed to help you improve conversions.

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Defence Bank

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Texo Design

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Future Estate

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Pro Train Fitness

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IC Markets

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intouch Marketing

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Landing Page Design


Landing Page Design
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Sales copywriting

Every word on your page is written to advance your web visitor towards the sale, and help you convert visitors into sales leads at the lowest possible cost.

The copywriting style we employ on your landing page is part of a school of copywriting that's more than 120 years old and has proven itself over those 120 years to get people to buy. It targets your message to the ideal prospect, and gets them to take action.

"For all the creativity and functionality of the site, which is impressive, it's actually been the service which I've appreciated most. I always felt that you had my best interests at heart, so thank you."

Michael WardCEO,

Statistics guide everything we do

We regularly review the performance of your landing pages to find out how
many people visited on your landing page, what they did when they got
there and how many submitted a web form or made a call.

Seeing these results shows us where the 'gaps' are in the online
conversion process and gives us the opportunity to plug any leaks to
motivate even more of your prospects to buy.

AB split-testing

One of the main techniques we use to ensure a high-converting landing page is testing landing pages against one another. We might test one headline against another, one offer against another, or a combination of the two.

After the split-test has finished we can see which headline or which offer was more successful in helping you get more sales leads online. From there we can continue to test, improve and optimise your landing pages to get you the most customers at the lowest possible cost.

Tie-in with PPC campaigns

Landing pages are especially effective at improving the ROI on PPC campaigns. We can optimise landing pages to send more targeted messages to certain sub-sections of your market.

The more highly targeted your message is to your ideal consumer, the more likely you are to convert them to a sales lead.

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