High-Level Briefing: How to Find Deep Customer Insights with Behavioural Science


Nicholas Mason

Head of Behavioural Marketing, Webprofits

Are you looking to give your marketing an edge?

Customer insights are now the #1 differentiating factor between run-of-the-mill campaigns and those that drive real growth. But when more than 62.5% of people lie in any given survey, how can you obtain real, accurate, truthful insights to inform your strategy?

This is where Behavioural Science and Projective Techniques come in and exactly what we cover (and more) in this high-level briefing.

Projective Techniques are a qualitative market research methodology and surface things that lie beyond what people are consciously aware of, yet influence their behaviour.

Attend to learn how to:

  • Overcome the 3 obstacles to gaining accurate research data
  • Use the 5 most important Behavioural Marketing techniques to get real, truthful insights
  • Drill down into answers to find truth
  • Use the '5 Whys' framework to go deep into core psychological drivers
  • Create Customer Problem Statements and how 'testing' them effectively
  • Elevate your messaging to new levels of performance

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