Web Profits Wins Three New Contracts with LJ Hooker, Nimble, & Logitech


Sydney, Australia --- February 21, 2019 -- Web Profits, Australia’s largest independent digital growth consultancy firm, has announced that they have contracted with LJ Hooker, Australia's strongest real estate brand, Nimble, a technology platform for personal loans, and Logitech, global computer accessories provider, to provide a full range of growth marketing services. These new clients are exemplary of the national and global brands that Web Profits works well with to drive measurable results.

"As one of Australia’s most known and trusted brands in real estate, people are at the centre of our business and we are always looking for ways to better serve our customers and reach a wider audience in an increasingly digital space,” James McGregor, Head of Marketing Services for LJ Hooker said. “We are pleased to work with Web Profits because they have the flexibility in approach and offering to support our passion and our goals of expanding our market leadership; whilst communicating our unique benefits as a tech forward, customer focussed brand; paving the way towards a seamless transition when buying or selling property.”

“LJ Hooker, Logitech, and Nimble are good examples of the variety of industries Web Profits services. Our unique, full-service approach to growth marketing called Fluid Marketing gives us the flexibility to reach our clients’ diverse audiences with adaptable strategies” Paul Sprokkreeff, Managing Director for Web Profits said. “We look forward to using our aggressive and targeted digital growth strategies to increase awareness and market penetration for these national and global brands.”

Web Profits is working with LJ Hooker on a full range of growth marketing services including running their paid search, social media marketing, content marketing, and digital media marketing to raise awareness, generate customers, and grow the number of franchise offices.

Web Profits was initially engaged by Logitech's Jaybird audio device brand to manage end-to-end digital media across ANZ for the global Run Wild campaign and product launch. Since that initial engagement, the strategic partnership has grown with Web Profits consulting directly with Logitech's Digital & Marketing Transformation team, as well as developing strategy and media plans for Logitech and Logitech G campaigns across Europe and Australia.

Web Profits manages SEO for personal loans provider, Nimble. The work will include the creation and execution of an organic search strategy that focuses on both awareness and customer acquisition in the highly competitive personal loan sector.

Web Profits utilizes a consultative approach, partnering closely with clients to understand their internal processes and specific challenges in their businesses. By embedding our marketing experts with clients’ internal teams, Web Profits is able to identify areas where optimization is needed and carefully define the metrics of success to ensure that all deliverable drives toward well-defined goals and help maximize the impact of our work together.

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