Have you lost SEO rankings?

We help you get your rankings back by cleaning up your backlinks and fixing any Google Penalties you might have.

Why you lost rankings

If you've lost SEO rankings it's most likely because you've been implementing SEO for some time and you have too many links with keywords in them. Even though that's what used to work on Google, now it's probably holding you back.

You've probably also done whatever you needed to do to rank your website at the top of Google. Which meant you probably have a number of low-quality links that Google now frowns upon as well.

How we can help

If you've lost SEO rankings it's most likely because of the links pointing to your site. That means that any SEO recovery project we take on requires a full clean-up of your backlinks.

We review every single link pointing to your site and identify the ones that are causing issues. We then follow our proven process for cleaning up your backlink profile and restoring your rankings.

1. Link Assessment

We review every single link pointing to your site and identify the 'unnatural' ones.

2. Link Removal

We contact the 'unnatural' backlink site owners and ask them to update or remove the links causing issues.

3. Disavow

We disavow any links we cannot update or remove.

4. Resubmission

If you've received a manual penalty from Google, we notify them of the link cleanup, and ask them to remove the penalty and reinstate your website rankings.

5. High-quality link building

The entire time we are continually building the highest quality links to your site, so that when we remove / disavow your old links, you have new ones to replace them.

How long will it take to fix my rankings?

If you're already ranking on the first page of Google (but not in the top spots) then we'll be a lot more cautious with any links we remove. However if you're not on the first couple of pages, then we'll be a lot more aggressive. Our aim is to fix your rankings as quickly as possible while maintaining any rankings you currently have.

The entire process of cleaning up your backlink profile will take 4-8 weeks to complete. But keep in mind that just cleaning up your backlinks might not be enough to restore your SEO rankings. You'll also need to build high-quality links to replace the ones we removed. We can help with that as well.

"Web Profits showed their SEO expertise from the outset and provided results quicker than we expected. They were a pleasure to work with as the whole team was both knowledgeable and professional."

Ronnie KesslerTechnical Director, One Big Switch

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