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As we spend more and more of our time on our various social media, savvy brands are employing creative campaigns to infiltrate our feeds with content that catches our attention. We can turn your business into one of those brands.

Grow a community of loyal brand advocates

Your potential customers want the chance to interact with your brand in an authentic way. We can help you identify your brand's unique ‘voice’ online, and create thought provoking and inspiring content to keep your new followers engaged.

Then convert followers into paying customers

We’ll create blended social media strategies - which align with your social persona – to speak to your followers and build your own engaged user community across every platform. Then your loyal brand advocates will do the work for you on the world’s biggest word-of-mouth platform.

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No ordinary team

We’re setting the benchmark for data-driven creative marketing across relevant social media channels.

We approach each campaign by starting with data. Analysing your existing and past performance gives us a better understanding of your audience, and how they engage with your brand.

From there, we devise creative strategies that seek to extend your audience as well as amplify the engagement they have with you on a range of social media platforms

Combine your social media with Fluid Online Marketing

Social media marketing forms an integral part of a Fluid approach, combining with content, email and design to take your marketing to the next level.
  • Your own multi-channel online marketing team

    We’ll integrate social media into your overall marketing strategy to give platforms that both engage your community, and generate conversions, while showcasing your brand

  • A unique service like you have never seen before

    It’s a premium service for companies that want to take their marketing (and sales results) to a level they’ve never experienced before.


Meet our social media experts

Our experts know social and want nothing more than to see you succeed.

Katherine Chalhoub

Head of Social

Ales Pokora

Social Media Strategist

Jason Garrard

Social Media Specialist

Natalie Sareff

Senior Social Media Producer

Rohan Brown

Web Designer

Connor Chmielewski

Social Media Producer

Daniel Scarratt

Social Media Producer

Michelle Lo

Social + Content Producer

Case study AllianceCorp

AllianceCorp are a Melbourne based end-to-end property investment solution provider. They wanted to grow their Melbourne based client database while improving on their current CPA from existing Adwords campaigns. The initial goal was to generate leads at a CPA of under $60.

  • 106 leads at $42.43 CPA in the 1st month
  • 342 leads at $28.44 CPA in the 2nd month
  • 3,726 leads at $39.07 CPA The campaigns are still running

Within the first week we launched and tested over 500 Facebook Ads targeting 20+ key target audiences. We split tested different ad placements (Sidebar, Desktop Newsfeed, Mobile Newsfeed, Facebook Audience Network) in order to establish top performing placements to ensure we were garnering the best possible results for the marketing spend and then we optimised these ads daily as well as tested new ad angles in order to drive the CPA down.


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