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Twitter marketing is very different to Facebook marketing. Web Profits uses Twitter to join conversations, broadcast messages and monitor references to your brand.

Is Twitter right for your company?

Twitter is all about creating a community that's engaged with your company, your products and your services. Our focus is on making your brand top of mind when your followers are deciding to purchase a product or service like yours. And we do that by focusing on making the brand a friend your followers can 'talk' with in a way they've not been able to before.

That’s why we focus on helping you connect directly with your prospects and customers on Twitter. So you have a hot line straight to them that cuts through the noise.

How to engage with your prospects and customers on Twitter

When each Tweet is so bite-sized (they're 140 characters in length) how do you use them to effectively engage your community, build your brand and increase conversions online?

The key is developing a message and a strategy that allows you to engage your users more than once a day. And sharing Tweets with them that they in turn will Re-Tweet to their social network.

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Managing your
company’s reputation

Because information shared on Twitter is public, monitoring what people say about your brand is crucial in protecting your brand's reputation.

As part of our Twitter service, we monitor people interacting with your brand, making mentions of your company (positive and negative), your staff or even checking-in at your premises. And we reply to their concerns, queries and requests in a timely fashion. No potentially valuable or important Tweet goes unanswered.

The ultimate
customer service tool

Twitter is the ultimate customer service tool, especially for strong customer-service focused companies (such as hotels, telcos, retailers, banks, airlines, power companies etc).

It gives your company the opportunity to service your clients by responding to questions quickly, reducing the long frustrating wait times that often aggravate customers making phone enquiries.

"We have been using Web Profits services for nearly two years and have been thrilled with the results. The team are efficient, intelligent and interested. What they have created for us is a fan base who are interested in our products and regularly engage with our updates. The speed in which they have been able to achieve these results can at times take your breath away!"

Sophie FaySales & Marketing Manager
Rapee / Florence Broadhurst Home

Monthly review of traffic and conversions

You’ll receive an in-depth monthly report on the traffic and conversions
your website has received from Twitter. We review your results to discover
which content was most engaging and which content helped you generate
the most traffic and conversions. That way, we can continue to share more of
what works and cut out what doesn’t, effectively building your brand one
conversation at a time.

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