We want to change the way business is done online

When we started Web Profits back in 2006 our goal was to help businesses generate a positive ROI from their investment with us. We figured this was how the online marketing industry operated.

What we found in the marketplace was very different

Surprisingly, most of the service providers out there (like web designers, PPC companies and SEO companies) didn't focus on ROI at all.

The best example of this is the number of advertising campaigns we took over that didn't track conversions... or the number of websites designed without considering how they would convert, only to fail miserably when we started driving traffic to them.

Focus on generating a positive ROI

So when we came along with a focus on generating a positive ROI from every dollar a client spent with us, and educating the marketplace about this methodology, our company grew fast (and still does to this day).

That often means that our competition gets to learn from us, but we're okay with that. Because it means it's the customer who wins - and that's a win for everyone.

Always on the lookout for new strategies

We're constantly innovating in the fields of social media, pay-per-click advertising and SEO… always on the lookout for new strategies that can deliver an even greater ROI, faster, and at a lower cost.

The online industry is moving at lightning pace but the way business is being done online is lacking in many areas. We're still seeing PPC companies focusing on impressions. We're still taking over campaigns that don't track conversions. We still get clients that have been burned time and time again by agencies that say they can do one thing, and then don't deliver. We still see websites launched with no consideration of SEO, only to see their rankings plummet.

We have a big job ahead of us… and we're up for the challenge.

"In partnership with Web Profits, we have accelerated our market share gains, improved our major online metrics and provided our customers with a better online consumer experience."

Alvin NgCEO, 1300 FLOWERS Group

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