What is Fluid Digital Marketing?

A new approach to marketing that reaches your customers at all stages of the funnel, with agile and adaptive strategies across all digital channels.

Why digital marketing needs a new approach

Online customers can take so many different paths to purchase, making it almost impossible to determine which is the most effective for marketers to follow to efficiently allocate marketing budgets.

The customer engagement journey therefore needs to be agile, reacting rapidly to the unpredictability of online behaviour.

Web Profits has matched this disruption with Fluid Digital Marketing as a full service offering. We easily move with customers across digital channels and invest where it’s relevant to drive sales success.

What we can do for you

There is no correct singular approach for every business. As a full service digital agency, we have expertise across the full range of digital marketing channels to be able to offer a comprehensive solution for every client.


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Meet the team

Our experienced team constantly innovates staying ahead of new trends and growth-hacking our customer’s way to success. With skills and experience spanning a range of industries - they’re ready to take on your marketing challenge today.

Paul Sprokkreeff

Managing Director

Alex Cleanthous

Chief Innovation Officer

Katherine Chalhoub

Head of Social

Duncan Jones

Head of CRO

Catherine Dix

Head of Content Marketing + SEO

Luke Stronach

Sales Director

Case study Australian Ethical

Australian Ethical came to Web Profits wanting to significantly increase the conversions they were generating from their website, a conversion in this case being a signing up and switching their super then and there - a much more difficult conversion to generate than a lead.

  • Beating their goal by 66.4% Over 6,500 super signup
  • Super Funds increased by 32.2% from $787.7m to $1,041m
  • Email Database increased by 322% over 30,000 prospects
  • Facebook Fans increased by 35,573 now over 90,985

To build their marketing strategy from virtually the ground up we recommended our Fluid Digital Marketing approach and assigned a team with an expert in each area of digital marketing to their campaign. Through the year we tested and utilised a huge range of tactics and managed to exceed their goals and grow their monthly super signups by 255%.

To see the full case study go to: https://www.webprofits.com.au/blog/ae-cs/


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