The 3 Pillars Of SEO

  • Onsite Optimisation

    We make sure that your website has all of the critical features that Google is looking for so that you’re indexed in the best possible way. It’s important to keep it regularly optimised so that its performance remains strong.

  • Content Marketing

    You need content that is engaging, shareable and likeable so that it’s spread across the web for you. But if it’s not targeted and strategic too, it won’t build your website’s authority (nor trust).

  • Link Acquisition

    The most challenging part of any SEO strategy is building high-quality, natural links. We take the time to get to know your industry very carefully so that we can build the right links you need to get results.

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Rank for the right terms

Every good SEO strategy starts with planning. Understanding which keywords will get you the best (or quickest) results allows you to plan and prioritise accordingly.

So many strategies, one consistent approach

We've been doing SEO for more than 10 years and know that no two websites are the same, so no two strategies can be the same. Each approach is tailor made.

We know you won't be starting your SEO from scratch. So our expert team will focus on the strategies that'll drive fast results in areas you're already lacking, whilst building on your existing work in the areas you've done well in.

It's all about partnering with you to take your brand to the next level.

Combine with Fluid Marketing to drive short term results, and maximise the long term

SEO can take a minimum of 6 months to show results, taking a Fluid approach allows you to build a strategy that also works for you in the short term.
  • Your own multi-channel digital marketing team

    Taking a comprehensive approach that includes other channels accelerates and accentuates your long term growth, providing extra return on your marketing investment.

  • A unique service like you have never seen before

    It’s a premium service for companies that want to take their marketing (and sales results) to a level they’ve never experienced before.

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Your Superstar SEO team

Our experienced team constantly innovates in the field of SEO, staying ahead of new trends and finding innovative solutions to help you grow.

Catherine Dix

Head of Content Marketing + SEO

George Cleanthous

Content Marketing + SEO Strategist

Jacqueline Charlton

Content Strategist

Alex Mason

Content Marketing + SEO Specialist

Sophie McAulay

Content Strategist

Nicholas Brogden

Content Marketing + SEO Specialist

Jerry Siekierski

Senior Content Marketing + SEO Producer

David Schneider

Senior Content Marketing + SEO Producer

Briahna Jovevski

Content Producer

Jessica Grassick

Content Marketing + SEO Producer

Shayen de Silva

Content Promoter

Rebecca Starr

Content Marketing + SEO Producer

Corinne Caston-Matthews

Content Producer

Cindy Ngo

Content Marketing + SEO Assistant

Fiorella Rafael

CM + SEO Producer

Chloe Potvin

Content Producer

Case study Captain Cook Cruises

Web Profits works with Captain Cook Cruises Fiji to ensure their site has visibility globally to attract visitors wanting to book a Fiji Cruise. The search landscape for tourism is very tough with increasing competition from global brands and OTAs.

  • 44% growth in organic traffic measured year on year
  • Page 1 rankings for multiple terms relating to 'fiji cruise'

We have executed, maintained and also grown the organic search presence of the website through multiple Google algorithms to achieve ongoing organic growth success.

Our SEO strategy has focused on ongoing onsite optimisation, link acquisition and through a robust and regular onsite content strategy.


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