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Web Profits is a passionate team of high-performing online marketing professionals. We work hard and play hard. If that sounds like you then keep reading...

What it's like working at Web Profits

For a start, the office up here in Chippendale has plenty of PS3s and Wiis. And they get a HEAVY workout. And of course, we know the value of a good Nerf gun too!

As you'd expect monthly team lunches are a must, as are regular drinks after work.

But there's also a very serious side

Our clients are leading Australian businesses. And when the pressure is on, the pressure is really on. So you need to be good at what you do, whether you're a developer, an online strategist or a sales professional. The reason we make our office a fun and challenging place to work is simple.

We insist on hiring ONLY the finest talent in Australia

So you must be sociable. That doesn't mean you have to be some kind of mad extrovert. But if your dream job is working alone in a dark corner then it's probably best you don't apply.

You must be polite and well-mannered. We frequently work in teams, and very closely with our clients, and certain personalities tend to rub people up the wrong way. If this is you, you probably won't fit in either.

And you must be willing to learn. We keep our team lean and efficient, which means we're always looking for our staff to try different things and add value in different ways.

Here are some of the reasons
to join us

For a start, it's a great team environment, and while so many workplaces can be boring and stiff, we love what we do and have fun while we do it. Not only that, you'll be challenged like never before. And if you're technically minded you'll finally have the chance to spread your wings and have the freedom to do something incredible. Or if you're in sales or strategy, you'll be working with Australia's largest businesses, helping them with solutions which make them a lot of money. And that's extremely satisfying.

Plus you can work from home when you need to, our times are flexible and it is a very challenging, but enjoyable environment. Not only that, we're prepared to pay very well for the right people to join our world class team.

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Just to be clear, here are 3 things we DON'T look for

Clock watchers. Actually the hours are pretty stable. We're meticulous planners and everyone's time is highly organised. It's the only way we exceed our clients' expectations while maintaining a tight and efficient team.But at times things come up, and if you refuse to work through lunch, spend a few extra minutes at the end of the day or occasionally do a couple of hours in the evening then you're probably not going to enjoy working here.

People who won't go out of their comfort zone. The world is changing…fast. New technology is being released every day. New strategies are being tried and tested.

And if you're not willing to learn, master and embrace the technology and strategies then working for us probably isn't for you.

People who aren't up for a bit of fun. Yes, there is a very serious side to working at Web Profits. But it's a fun environment to work in as well.

We don't want people who want to do the bare minimum, keep to themselves and go home. We want to challenge people and have a great time too.

"Web Profits is the first and only Digital Agency we have come across who speak in plain English, are a pleasure to work with and drive for real results. So whether it's SEO, SEM or website design, Web Profits strive to deliver in hard metrics such as Traffic, Conversion Rates and Conversions."

Alvin NgCEO, 1300 FLOWERS Group

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