The Growth Manifesto Book

The Growth Manifesto is for business leaders, marketers and entrepreneurs and shares insights, strategies and tactics being used on the front line
to drive record-breaking results month after month after month.

The digital landscape has changed

The customer journey is fragmented across multiple channels and devices. At the same time, competition is increasing exponentionally and it's getting harder to break through the noise. This new digital landscape requires a new approach to finding, engaging with and acquiring new customers.

A shift in how you think about digital

This shift in consumer behaviour requires a different way of thinking.
It's no longer about channels and campaigns. It's about where the customer is in their journey. It's a new way to think about growth and how you run your digital strategy.

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About The Growth Manifesto


"I've been in the digital marketing game since 2001, and I've seen a lot of change during that time. When I first started out, there was no social media, no smartphones, and the only place to really advertise profitably was Google and Yahoo.

A lot has changed since then. Smartphones. Social media. Online video. More content than anyone can consume in their lifetime. The game has changed.

The Growth Manifesto outlines the mindset and strategies we've developed at Web Profits to help our clients drive growth, increase market share and beat their competition in an increasingly complex digital world.

These are the strategies being used on the front line today to drive record growth from digital marketing, month after month after month."

Alex Cleanthous
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5 Reasons Why You Need This


If you’ve ever felt like you have trouble ‘keeping up’, then this will be the best thing you download this year.


You’ll discover how to fluidly move your marketing strategy to constantly follow what’s working (for better results from the same marketing budget)


You’ll read case studies
about the Bikini Body Guide, Hubspot and New Relic and where these tactics have been applied
so you can see how it can work for your business too.


You’ll see how it’s not
that hard to reframe your marketing to focus on growth
, delivering better results while supercharging your role at the same time.


You’ll find out how to tackle the increasing complexities of marketing heading towards 2020, and relish the changes rather than fear them.

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So, is The Growth Manifesto for me?

If you need to reinvent the way your company looks at growth, then the answer is ‘yes’.

If your future depends on delivering successful results despite budget cuts or increasing competition, then ‘yes’.

The Growth Manifesto delivers actionable insights that can be applied to any sized business in any market...

  • eCommerce campaigns
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Brand campaigns
  • SaaS campaigns
  • And more...
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About the author,
Alex Cleanthous

Alex is Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Webprofits - a digital agency with offices in the United States, Singapore and Australia.

Alex co-founded Web Profits in 2006 with the belief that there's always a smarter and better way to do things. As Chief Innovation Officer he is constantly pushing the boundaries of how digital campaigns should be delivered.

As a growth marketer, Alex is always on the lookout for smarter, faster and more scalable ways to drive maximum growth with minimum spend.

Like many Internet professionals today, Alex is self taught and has evolved his expertise in digital marketing through his love of learning and experimentation.

The Growth Manifesto

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