Growing market share with UGC

Bellamy's Organic came to us with the challenge to re-engage their community, increase brand visibility and attract loyal customers across their Asia-Pacific market.

After in-depth customer research and analysis, we developed a UGC campaign that generated 94 million impressions, 4,179,713 social media engagements and 16,695 stockist enquiries.

How we leveraged UGC to help Bellamy's Organic grow market share


RESEARCH - We began by taking an in-depth look at the brand and its customers in order to ensure success in the campaign execution. Research into their customers and their social media followings unearthed, unsurprisingly, that mothers aged 25-34 were the core audience group.

This small, yet loyal customer base had been built through a commitment to the Bellamy's Organic brand. Through a combination of social listening and an analysis of customer reviews, we discovered that these customers were ready and willing to share their experiences with the product.


CAMPAIGN IDEA - This sparked the concept behind our campaign. We would turn Bellamy’s mothers into brand advocates to effectively say the things the brand couldn’t say themselves. They would share their experiences with the product in a way that would boost Bellamy’s credibility amongst their friends and followers.

The campaign - Bellamy’s Firsts - shifted the focus from a transactional message to a transformational one. These topical milestones, such as ‘first step’ or ‘first tooth’, celebrated an infant’s first moments during their first year of life.


ROLLOUT - We successfully designed and executed the campaign within the marketing requirements set by the World Health Organisation. By navigating the International Code of Marketing Breast-Milk Substitutes, which is just one of the ways in which infant formula marketing is governed, we drove brand awareness within the regulations.

Our content spoke to real-life examples, with the aim of helping current and potential mothers. The viral nature of this approach enabled Bellamy’s Organic to amplify their reach while keeping ad spend relatively low.

“We have access to a team of marketing experts who are able to manage our online integrated campaigns seamlessly and efficiently, and who are as passionate as we are to see our brand succeed.”

Ben Lovitt
Marketing Manager
Bellamy's Organic

Campaign impact


Impressions across all channels


Visits from users who searched for the brand


Video Views


Direct websites visits


Engagements on social media


visitors to articles and other content on the Belamy’s Organic website


Email addresses obtained


Additional Followers across all Social media platforms


Enquiries as to where Bellamy's Organic organic products are stocked

Award for
Marketing Excellence

“Bellamy's Organic provided an outstanding example of creative and successful content. An excellent framework of the issue, clear goals and thorough market research provided the framework for an effective digital campaign solution... The content was creative, emotive and authentic which was essential for establishing compelling brand advocates.”

AMI Judges

Best Content Marketing Campaign

Weeks after being awarded by the Australian Marketing Institute for Marketing Excellence in the content marketing category, the campaign was also recognised by SEMRush as the Best Content Marketing Campaign.

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