Our mission was clear

Create a brand story that effectively articulated Brighten’s key points of difference in a visual and written language that would resonate with a domestic audience.

This is how we tackled it.


(Truly) know thy brand We interviewed Brighten’s internal team to better understand how they saw the business, the value they believed they provided their customers and the reason why anyone should care about what they’re offering, compared to everyone else competing in their market.


(Empathetically) understand thy audience We then did a bit of digging around customer personas, the pains they experience and how Brighten solved those problems in a way no one else could.


(Intentionally) create thy messaging Based off everything we learned about Brighten’s target customers and key points of difference, we then crafted a Brand Messaging Infrastructure that shaped the customer-specific messaging we launched into market.

This process involved a Creative team of heavy-weight thinkers, designers and storytellers who worked intimiately with Brighten’s team to design an identity that was more sophisticated, relatable and human.

This is a snap shot, for your viewing pleasure.

The next part of the puzzle, was getting us to apply this exciting new brand to the place
where Brighten’s Aussie customers would get to know them first.

Their website

Which then led to them asking us to navigate the creative direction for their internal and external
marketing assets.

So how’d we do?

We’ll let our main Brighten contact, Jen Xu talk to that...

“When we look for a partner, we’re trying to find someone that we can trust. Webprofits deliver, and we really enjoyed the process of working with the team, their honesty and their dedication to our success. If you're looking for professional, passionate people to work with, Webprofits is your go-to team.”

Jen Xu
Head of Product Design + Marketing,
Brighten Home Loans


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