A big challenge in a competitive space

FIIG Securities came to Webprofits seeking to increase the lead volume for their Corporate Bonds Investments offering. With the minimum investment increased from $50,000 to $250,000, FIIG also had the tough task of educating their target market of high net worth individuals on the benefits of their product over their large well-known competitors.

An integrated campaign with content at the heart

To achieve this goal we designed and developed a wide-array of different eBooks focusing around the various points of a conversion funnel, from explaining the basics of bonds through to diversifying investments. Then, to avoid the incredibly high cost-per-click costs in the industry, we launched well-planned paid campaigns across SEM & Social channels capturing leads through conversion focused landing pages and CRO tools, each of which then flowed through a custom set of email marketing sequences ranging from 1 day through to 12 months+.

159% increase in leads in 4 months

In just the first four months of rolling out our Growth Marketing strategy for FIIG we saw a 159% increase in total leads, a 17% drop in average CPL, 51% increase in organic traffic to the site.

“Before partnering with Webprofits we used a lots of different agencies which was a bit of a pain point. Webprofits solved that by providing a service that covers everything - from digital to growth marketing and it's been really successful.

The biggest challenge we had before working with Webprofits was that digital, as a whole, wasn't working as hard as it should've. We're now, for the same amount of money, getting a lot more leads. I went with Webprofits because it was clear they spent a lot of time seeking to understand our business and our customers. As a result we have a really strong strategy that aligns to our business, but most importantly to our customers. For any company thinking about working with Webprofits, I really highly recommend them.”

Fraser Thomson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, FIIG Securities

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