Achieving post-acquisition scalable growth

Founded in 1991 in the UK, The Access Group offers business management software solutions that helps reduce admin time for busy organisations.

In 2021, The Access Group hired Webprofits as a strategic agency partner to help achieve scalable growth through Google Ads in APAC.

The Access Group had just recently acquired a number of industry giants in the APAC region and as a result were seeing increased CPAs and a decrease in leads due to the amalgamation of websites and campaigns.

We had a number of challenges to deal with:

  • 1Brand confusion
  • 2Segmented account structure that went against Google’s algorithm
  • 34 different Google Ads accounts for the company
  • 4Poorly optimised landing pages

Our goal: To deliver a 45% decrease in CPA while increasing leads.

The Approach

We tackled each challenge head on and the results were outstanding

After a full audit, we agreed on the three areas of focus
that would enable our success:

1Improving trust and credibility

To improve trust and credibility we focused on driving brand search results under The Access Group, using strong ad copy that educated and informed users of the product acquisitions. This allowed us to avoid any brand confusion, and consequently leverage keyword volume following the acquisition.

2 An account and messaging restructure

To address the issue of an outdated campaign structure, we rebuilt, restructured and consolidated into one single Google Ads account.

We rebuilt every campaign and category from scratch, which included 108 new ad groups and 26 campaigns, giving The Access Group specific ads for each category and service offered and increasing conversion rate.

We built specific ads for each product and service category, increasing conversion rate of each Search ad.

Consolidating into one account has multiple benefits including easier campaign management and billing but also providing vital data for Google's machine learning.

3 Improve conversion rate with optimised landing pages

To maximise the impact of our Search ad campaigns, we designed and implemented high-performing conversion-focused landing pages which would be key to our campaign success and increasing leads.

Landing pages changed from this, low converting design:

To this: increasing conversion rates by 565% in 3 months, reducing bounce rates, and improving user experience.

The Impact

Cheaper, better converting campaigns and heaps more leads

In just 3 months, The Access Group had superior, cheaper and better converting campaigns which has had a significant impact on business opportunities for FY23.

Our main campaign KPI was to reduce CPA by 45%, however after implementing the strategic plan outlined above, we achieved much more:

Key Results:

Comparing Feb 1 2022 - April 30 2022 to the previous period Nov 1 2021 - Jan 31 2022:


Decrease in CPA / $


Increase in conversions


Increase in conversion rate

YOY Comparison

Comparing Feb 1 2022 - April 30 2022 to 2021 results for the same period:


Decrease in CPA / $


Increase in conversions


Increase in conversion rate

“Webprofits is a reliable and consistent presence across our search marketing program for The Access Group as we grow organically and through acquisition in the APAC region. Our performance across the channel has improved in all our business portfolios.”

Adam Mckay - Head of Digital APAC at The Access Group

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