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How to capture the attention of your audience

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It’s getting increasingly difficult to break through and capture the attention of your audience in the new digital age.

It’s a challenge every company is facing and it’s the topic of our latest video.


So it’s getting increasingly challenging to break through in this new digital age.

There’s increased competition, the centralisation of attention across just a few social platforms and search networks, ad blockers, and plus consumers,
they really don’t like advertising.

So how do you break through?

Relationships are going to be the key to marketing in the future.

A lot of companies at the moment are spending a lot of their time and resources on the bottom of the funnel.

That is actually advertising to people at the time that they are about to spend money with you.

What I’m suggesting is to shift that or to supplement that and start to focus on the top of the funnel as well, engaging with people before they’re ready to buy with you.

So here’s the approach I would take.

Produce content that both entertains and informs.

Share that content across the top platforms online.

You then want to try to convert people offline to email subscribers.

Start to engage with them through email marketing.

And start to use the marketing automation to identify the people who are most likely to convert.

Key here is to think across the long term. To have a long term perspective on what you expect back.

I’d suggest that it’s at least a couple of years before you expect something back. It’s probably going to be quicker than that but that provides you the right type of mindset to add value and not expect anything back because that is going to make your content really stand out.

The big takeaway is that relationships are going to be the currency of the future so if you really want to stand out focus on building a relationship with your audience.

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Alex Cleanthous

Alex Cleanthous

Director of Strategy + Innovation at Web Profits

Alex Cleanthous is Director of Strategy + Innovation at Web Profits. With more than 17 years experience in the digital space, Alex is responsible for ensuring that Web Profits stays at the forefront of digital strategy and execution. With offices in Australia, Singapore and the United States, Alex focuses on driving growth across all regions, as well as identifying and expanding into new markets and new industries. Alex lives, loves and breathes strategic design thinking and bringing innovative solutions to life through end-to-end implementation.

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