Case Study: How we improved a landing page conversion rate by 86%

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Improving a conversion rate can be achieved a number of different ways. From making small changes to elements such as the headline, or the call-to-action, or the image used… to more drastic changes like a complete redesign.

What we tested

In this test, we had the challenge of improving the performance of an already high-converting landing page, which is always a challenge (but a challenge we’re always up for). So, we started at the drawing board.

We re-wrote the entire copy of the landing page to explain what a prospect would learn after requesting the free DVD. We included a celebrity testimonial from Matt Shirvington. And we included a video of Michelle Bridges explaining what the site is about.

We then completely redesigned the landing page to make the copy as easy to read as possible (which is the key to a successful landing page of any sort).


Here’s the original version of the landing page…


And here’s the new version of the landing page we designed…

The result?

Completely redesigning the landing page, including rewriting the sales copy, improved the conversion rate by 86% at a 100% confidence rate.

The lesson

When you’re working with a landing page that’s already converting really well, you need to take bigger risks to achieve greater rewards. In this instance, we completely redesigned the landing page, which took a lot more time and resources than if we just changed a headline. Plus there was always the risk that the new landing page wouldn’t outperform the current one, which would mean all that effort was for nothing.

But that didn’t happen. And even if the new version didn’t beat the old one, we would have continued working on it until it did. Especially because the new design has a lot more flexibility in adding new sections, adjusting copy, adding images, and so on.

Can we do the same for you?

Do you have a landing page that’s already converting really well? If so, then we’d love to challenge your landing page and beat it (and we’re prepared to back that statement up). Just click here to get in touch today. We’d love to find out how we can help you.

Alex Cleanthous

Alex Cleanthous

Director of Strategy + Innovation at Webprofits
Alex Cleanthous is an entrepreneur, writer, technologist, and marketing leader. He is Co-Founder of Webprofits, Australia’s largest private digital consultancy. With more than 20 years experience in the digital space, Alex stays at the forefront of digital innovation, strategy, and execution identifying new markets, platforms, and tools to keep pace with the exponential expansion of technology.

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    While the content is compelling and I very much like the design work when I go to the indicated design change of the Australian Institute of Fitness has not been implemented. Can you please explain this?

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