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Web Profits BlogDigital MarketingHow do you keep up with constant change in online marketing?

How do you keep up with constant change in online marketing?

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The online marketing world moves fast…

Facebook and Google (the big guys) seem to roll out changes constantly…

So it can be a challenge just to keep up and I often get asked for tips on how to stay ahead.


Hey, this is Alex from Web Profits, and today I’m going to be sharing my thoughts on how to keep up with the constant change in the online world.

Just quickly, for those people who don’t know me, I have a stutter that comes out when I get excited, and this stuff is exciting! So, let’s get into it…

The online world moves at a pretty fast pace with a number of updates being rolled out by Google and Facebook (the ‘big’ guys) on a frequent basis, and new platforms launching seemingly all the time.

That’s definitely something you need to be across if you invest in those platforms… but I think the more important point is that the number of channels you can actually reach your market online aren’t that many. And the ones that work, they work for years. For example, the two biggest channels right now (at least in western culture) are Facebook and Google. They’ve been around for years and they’ll continue to be around for years.

When I think about online marketing, I definitely look at integrating as many channels into my marketing strategy as possible, because I’m going for maximum growth both now and in the future. But the key to maximising growth in the short term is to find the channel that is delivering you the best results and then tripling down on that.

For example, in the last few years we’ve spent the majority of our budget on Facebook Ads because it delivered the best results for us. Before that, we were investing the majority of our budget on Google, because that was producing the best results for what we needed at the time.

So I’d recommend you figure out the channel that is delivering you the best results and spend 80% of your marketing budget on that channel. Then invest the other 20% trying to figure out what the next growth channel is for your business.

When you know what your most important channel is, that’s what you should focus your time staying across. For example, if Facebook is your biggest channel, subscribe Facebook’s Page for marketing, follow the top bloggers who talk about Facebook, and stay across the top hashtags on Twitter.

Then stay across what the new platforms are in your industry and country, look for trends and try to find the next growth channel where you can invest your marketing budget.

I’d suggest you focus your ‘research’ time at the same percentage as your marketing budget, that is, 80% on your top marketing channel, and 20% on the rest.

I really hope this episode of Web Profits TV helped you with your online marketing and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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Alex Cleanthous

Alex Cleanthous

Director of Strategy + Innovation at Web Profits

Alex Cleanthous is Director of Strategy + Innovation at Web Profits. With more than 17 years experience in the digital space, Alex is responsible for ensuring that Web Profits stays at the forefront of digital strategy and execution. With offices in Australia, Singapore and the United States, Alex focuses on driving growth across all regions, as well as identifying and expanding into new markets and new industries. Alex lives, loves and breathes strategic design thinking and bringing innovative solutions to life through end-to-end implementation.


  1. Will Egan says:

    Thanks Alex, some great points there. =)

    October 13th, 2016 at 5:10 pm

  2. Alex Cleanthous says:

    Thanks Will

    October 14th, 2016 at 8:20 am

  3. Sedelia says:

    Thank you. Great Video and great information.

    November 5th, 2016 at 3:15 pm

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