The Ecommerce Series: Converting prospects that don’t buy

This is part two of a three-part series on achieving explosive Ecommerce sales through a multi-channel strategy. Today we’re going to be looking into one of online marketing’s most lucrative tools – remarketing.

So, what’s the difference between remarketing and retargeting? Nothing. Google uses the phrase “remarketing” while everyone else uses “retargeting”. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll use the term “remarketing”.

What exactly is remarketing?

If you’ve ever browsed a website and then seen a banner for that very same site the next time you jumped onto YouTube to watch cat videos – you were remarketed to. When you visited that first site, a cookie was placed in your browser that then signaled to an ad platform to display a banner to you on the subsequent page you visited.

We love remarketing and have massive success with the strategy. However, something even more powerful for Ecommerce is now ripe for the taking.

bannersmlDynamic Remarketing (DR) is one of the most exciting advancements in remarketing since the strategy was first introduced. DR allows you to display banners to your prospects that are automatically populated with the exact products you looked at – it doesn’t get any more targeted than that!

You can then take things a step further and even target just those that added products to their cart but didn’t check out. As you can imagine, DR can produce some amazing results.

So how can you start remarketing?

There are a number of platforms that allow you to remarket to your prospects. Here are two that have helped us get excellent results:

  1. Google AdWords has DR capabilities built in. The tricky bit is adding the code to your website, as the code needs to dynamically change on each page to include the type of page (e.g. home page or category page), products and the individual prices (it’s definitely worth it).
  2. AdRoll is another amazing retargeting platform that operates in a similar way to AdWords yet has one extremely powerful benefit – you can also display your ads to any of Facebook’s 800,000,000 unique monthly visitors via Newsfeed retargeting ads.

Won’t I creep people out?

When remarketing was first introduced people were a little surprised at how brilliantly marketers mysteriously seemed to know what they had been looking at and where they would navigate to next. The concept is now much better understood, accepted and even desired, as it’s much better seeing ads for products you’re actually interested in rather than spammy flashing banners stating you’ve won a prize for being the 1,000,001 visitor!

You can also prevent annoying your visitors into oblivion from showing your ads too often by restricting daily impressions – being the amount of times your ad is displayed.

When implemented correctly, we know from first-hand experience just how successful remarketing can be and just how essential the strategy is for any online store.

Abandoned Cart Emails

Another brilliant tactic is known as “cart recovery”. This is made possible when a visitor adds items to their cart, goes to check out, fills out some details (such as their name and email), but for whatever reason they don’t complete the payment. Even though they didn’t completely checkout, you record what products they wanted and also have a way of contacting them.

Cart recovery tactics automatically email the customer with a friendly reminder to complete their order – with a direct button to pick up where they left off. This is also a perfect time to offer a coupon or added bonus to help push them over the line.

Wrap Up

At Web Profits we absolutely love devising remarketing/recovery campaigns and incorporating the tactics into a broader overall strategy. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help use these tactics to drive more sales for you, then please feel free to get in touch.

Mark Patchett

Mark Patchett

CRO Producer at Web Profits

Mark Patchett is an Ecommerce focused CRO Producer. His relentless focus on driving optimised traffic to Ecommerce sites has helped countless Ecommerce website owners increase sales and achieve considerable success online.