Did I Just Order Pizza Online?

Well we all know Alex is the power house of the Web Profits blog space. A lot of great content, value, and insight that I am sure we have all enjoyed.

My name is Jason May, and I have been meaning to contribute in here for a while now, simply offering my own experiences and perspective on the big wild world of online business.

I consult for online business strategy here at Web Profits, and in general style up the place! I hope I can give some value, and I respect all feedback and welcome comments.

And so there is never a day that the Internet does not impress me these days…

And I know, that come 10.30pm in the evening, I should already have eaten dinner. Something nice, healthy, green. But I am male, I am single, and I do not like supermarkets.

So what can a guy do?

Yes I can cook the basics, and I can order all of my groceries online. Click, click and they deliver to my door for $10 no matter how little or how much I buy, but no…

The other night I felt like pizza. Have you ever been to Pizza Hut online?

Bang! You can open the Pizza Hut website, have your eyes closed, and you will still know that you are on the Pizza Hut website!

This website packs a visual punch. Hit and smacked down with the Pizza Hut redness right from the first second of opening the site. It is just so well done.

Select your country, and away you go. So what does the website want you to do?

Order. And order now. Check out the biggest, shiniest, coolest, most attractive button anyone has every seen, and it just hums there at the right top focal point on the page. And if you are still not sure, the text copy on the button gives added incentive… No credit card needed

How could anyone refuse to hit that thing!

Ah… Well, you may be checking out the large panel, fast rotation, dynamic specials graphics, showcasing whats on offer. But what does this achieve?

That’s right. Extra salivation. An elevation of your appetite to a fever pitch. You get hungry looking at this website.

Of course you are going to order, the website almost demands that you do!

The order process is a painless, it’s quick, easy, 4 steps. Fill in your delivery address, choose your pizza and sides, and then follow through to send the order.

The first time I did this I waited about 30 minutes and then called the Pizza Hut order phone number to check that they had actually received my order… At the time it just seemed too easy. I was looking for the catch.

“Yes Mr May, you have an order placed tonight which should be delivered soon, how can I help…”

Um.. Just as they finished the sentence, my door buzzer sounded. “Hello?” “Yes pizza?”

Clockwork automation.

So check out this website, even if you are eating healthier than me. The Pizza Hut website has been expertly crafted.

The flash overlay when you order is fantastic. So functional. The site delivers a true Pizza Hut restaurant experience… but online, from your sofa. Easy, straight forward, dynamic, intuitive, and attractive.

And notice how a new screen pops open when you start the order process. There is no way but forward through the order.

Well I guess pizza once in a while is ok, I mean, what chance do we stand against that type of website design?


  1. Frank says:

    nice article…when web designing…should i use templates from a host company or design from scratch?


    September 24th, 2008 at 6:49 am

  2. Jason May says:

    Frank, my feedback here is to always remain focused on what it is you want the website to do for you. If it is a business website, then the reality is you need it to convert. Templates from my experience have limitations to them, where as a design without will give you more control, thus being able to properly construct your website to perform for you.

    September 24th, 2008 at 11:14 am