Episode 22 – Is SEO Dead?

In this episode Alex answers the question “is SEO dead?”.


Hi, my name’s Alex Cleanthous, chief strategist at Web Profits. There’ve been more than a few articles online recently talking about the death of SEO, so in the episode of Web Profits TV I’ll be answering the question “is SEO dead?”.

People have been predicting the death of SEO for years now, pretty much every time Google releases a big SEO algorithm update, with the latest update – Penguin – being one of the biggest in history. Coupled with that is the growth of Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s push with Google Plus. But SEO isn’t dead – it’s just getting harder. Let me explain.

In the past, you could rank at the top of Google for a competitive keyword phrase by getting a large volume of low quality links pointing to your site. Since the Penguin update, SEO for competitive keywords is all about building higher quality links to your site. That’s the hard part – getting high quality website to link to you.

Then there’s the longer-tail keyword phrases, which are keywords that have one or two searches per month, if at all. These keywords make up the majority of the searches on Google. These keyword phrases don’t have many advertisers and they aren’t about link building – SEO for these types of keywords is about publishing quality content on your website (especially since the Panda algorithm update) and ensuring your website is fully optimised to maximise the visibility of that content.

Social media is growing everyday, with Facebook recently surpassing 1 billion users. But it’s still a very long way off the point where consumers stop using a search engine and instead just use their social network. In fact, the number of people using search engines are increasing every year, with more than 3 billion searches per day being conducted on Google alone.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you hear a statement like ‘seo is dead’ is that as long as people are using a search engine, and that search engine ranks websites, SEO will be highly relevant and extremely valuable… it will just get harder to do.

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I hope you enjoyed this episode of Web Profits TV and I look forward to speaking with you next week.

Alex Cleanthous

Alex Cleanthous

Chief Innovation Officer at Web Profits

Alex Cleanthous is Chief Innovation Officer at Web Profits. With more than 10 years experience in online marketing, Alex is always on the lookout for smarter, faster and more scalable ways to achieve maximum growth with minimum spend.

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  1. Ankit says:

    Totally Agreed !!
    SEO is not dead.
    Just Google changed its Algorithm from link building to link earning.

    November 24th, 2012 at 8:15 am