How To Establish Yourself Online

If you are only just starting to think about creating an online business for yourself, it’s understandable if you feel intimidated by the sheer number of people already out there doing exactly the same thing.

How can you compete with people who have already set up shop and have a good base of customers?

Everyone has something to offer, and the key to success online is to build a business around something you enjoy – something you have a natural affinity for.  It’s easier to become an expert in this kind of subject, and becoming an expert is what will get you noticed and established.

Take the time to build a business of real worth.  You don’t have to dive in the deep end and build your own website.  Why not start with your own blog instead?  If you don’t have any products of your own to promote then join a website which grants free access to the best affiliate programs out there.  People often start earning an income online by becoming affiliates for programs that interest them.

You can also write articles for other websites that point back to your own site or blog.  The more work you do and the more you learn, the more other people will start to recognise you as someone who knows what they are talking about.

It’s good to start out with some sort of plan of what you would like to achieve.  This can be altered, added to or changed as you go along, but it will at least point you in a good direction to begin with.

Another aspect of establishing yourself comes with being willing to learn what is necessary to stand a better chance of earning more money.  Subscribe to a few free newsletters in your field of interest.  Bookmark a few good blogs and websites and revisit them constantly.  Keeping an eye on the competition will give you a better chance of spotting a gap in the market which you could exploit yourself.

It will take time to establish yourself online, but you shouldn’t just concentrate on the destination.  If you enjoy the journey you will learn more en route.

George Cleanthous

George Cleanthous

SEO Strategist at Web Profits

Formerly of EY and Alcatel, George has extensive experience in many facets of online marketing and has developed an expert analytics skill set. Specialising in Search, George helps drive innovation and the application of our search engine optimisation strategy.


  1. Mark says:

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