How to get the most out of your agency

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Do you ever wonder if you’re getting the most from the agencies you’ve hired? Do you reflect that you might not be driving them hard enough, or that you’re not getting the best from them?

Ensuring clients get the most value from us, and ensuring we deliver the best, is something that is continually on my mind as the Head of Digital Consulting at Webprofits.

Today, I’ll share 5 ways to ensure you get the most out of your agency:

Set and work to clear goals

Identify the goal that matters most for your business, and communicate this with the agency as early as possible. Then make sure your agency is focusing entirely on this goal.

By setting this goal, it will ensure that all conversations and discussions focus on what is being done to achieve it. and thus make every engagement meaningful and productive.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

The ideal relationship is when the agency feels like another part of your business. Face time is critical to this, so meeting in person regularly, or doing video conferences will help build a strong relationship.

In the early stages of an agency + business relationship, investing time in communication is so important. By doing this you will be able to have any hard conversations that might be needed. Don’t wait to discuss concerns, say something and get it sorted fast!

Further to this, including the agency on relevant company updates outside of their immediate remit will undoubtedly help your results, and ensure all work is aligned and intertwined where possible.

Hold each other accountable

Accountability is critical to delivering value and results.

However, so often this is seen as a one way street – agencies and businesses should both hold each other accountable, and respect one another’s timeframes and commitments.

Speed is important with projects, but make sure to factor in time required from each party to make the work and projects collaborative and realistic.

Understand the value of an agency

Why do you pay an agency? It shouldn’t be about number of hours worked, they are simply a measure.

The reason is value. You are looking for specialist skills that you don’t have time to recruit, train and manage within your existing framework.

But most importantly, you are looking for results.

Every time you discuss work or activities for delivery with your agency, think – will this move the needle?

The agency focus is best placed on the goal. Getting an agency to do low value tasks should be avoided at all costs – instead, review hiring a junior to do these simpler marketing tasks.

And the final recommendation, and the one I feel strongest about:

Treat them as a partner

So often, I think there can be the misconception that pushing an agency hard will get the best result.

The reality?

We love working with people and businesses we love. We love being included as part of the team. We love being able to work in partnership where the excitement, the drive, the passion, the successes are shared wins.

By creating a strong partnership with your agency that is inclusive, you will undoubtedly unlock the very best in results.

Thanks for listening and I hope you found this of value 🙂

Catherine Dix

Catherine Dix

Head of Digital Consulting at Webprofits
As the Head of Digital Consulting, Catherine is focused on the quality and excellent delivery of services for all of Webprofits clients.

Catherine is responsible for managing the consulting team and our service capability across Australia, Singapore and the US.

With over 8 years experience in Digital Marketing, Catherine is adept at advising C-suite executives on how to build successful digital strategies for growth.

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  1. Birju says:

    Hi Catherine,

    Very nice explanation about how customers and agency can work together.Very helpful!Thanks for sharing valuable info.

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