How to hire great marketers

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With everything that has been happening since 2020, the importance of digital has grown significantly. It’s now one of the only places that a business can ‘always’ engage with their customers. With that in mind, the demand for digital talent has skyrocketed.

You’re now in a space where you need talent, but so do all the agencies and consultancies as demand for digital marketing services has increased. Some of the bigger players are hiring hundreds of people right now, and every business that is looking to expand their digital presence is looking as well.

So this episode of The Marketing Game is all about how to hire great marketers, because there’s a lot you can do to attract and retain the right people for your company.


Hosted by Alex Cleanthous from Webprofits. Guest appearance by Justin Rondeau from Teamwork.

Alex Cleanthous

Alex Cleanthous

Director of Strategy + Innovation at Webprofits
Alex Cleanthous is an entrepreneur, writer, technologist, and marketing leader. He is Co-Founder of Webprofits, Australia’s largest private digital consultancy. With more than 20 years experience in the digital space, Alex stays at the forefront of digital innovation, strategy, and execution identifying new markets, platforms, and tools to keep pace with the exponential expansion of technology.

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