How To Minimise Risk Online

Having trouble keeping up online? You’re not alone!

As soon as you implement the latest update, negotiate the latest change, or finally get setup on the newest platform another update comes through, more changes are implemented, and countless new platforms come online that MUST be engaged.

Meanwhile, you’re trying to run your business and properly service your customers.

The online business world is incredibly dynamic. This is in part the allure, and on the flip side, the reason why we’re all losing hair… or is that just me?

Being able to minimise risk in such a dynamic environment is key to being successful online.

We’re going to start with outlining risk factors to be aware of, and follow up with ways you can minimise them.

Risk Factors

There are many associated risk factors online that a business must navigate to be and remain effective in a dynamic environment. These include:

  • Remaining Static
  • Narrow Band Strategy
  • Not Testing
  • Fear

Remaining Static

When you operate in a dynamic environment that is continually evolving and changing the worst thing you can do is remain static. Cracks will appear, and you will only find yourself falling through them.

Narrow Band Strategy

When you know everything will change, operating the one single strategy is fraught with danger. What happens if the strategy gets devalued? You would need to start again, and lose everything you had worked hard to gain.

Not Testing

If you guess online you will eventually guess wrong. The cost here can be high. The beauty of the Internet is that everything can be tracked and measured. The smart operators leverage this to the max to ensure they are basing changes on real user data / analytics, and not guesswork.


Afraid to jump into Facebook? Managing a Google Ad budget? If your business is solid there shouldn’t be a platform in existence that you couldn’t try and do well in. Of course you need the right fit for your requirements, and you need to investigate and learn first, but otherwise, there is nothing to be afraid of. Letting the fear in will mean that you don’t try which will result in missing out.

Risk Minimisation

There are a number of clear strategies and steps you can take to minimise business risk online.

Regular Fresh Updates

You need to go with the flow of the Internet. The Internet is defined by fresh content and information, and it becomes more competitive every hour. Operating a business online must include regular fresh content, updates, and movement on-going. WordPress blogging platforms are free and can be integrated into your website easily. They provide an easy way to maintain fresh content on your website giving Google a reason to come back and re-index your website regularly.


Implement a diverse strategy and don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. It will not matter then if something changes because you would have built your operation upon many different pillars. Submit your website to directories, syndicate content on Facebook, guest write for other websites, and post articles on your own website. Mix it up, and get out there.


It’s important to measure and track analytical data online so that you can test and optimise how well your business performs based on the data. This way you aren’t guessing what works and what doesn’t. Want to get it right? Test on-going. Split-testing website design pages will enable you to generate more sales leads and sales and reduce your cost per acquisition in the process.

Educate Yourself

Business is business online but the playing field is different. You have to bridge any information divide that exists to at least a level where you can make a more informed decision. There’s a lot of great free content online and plenty of people you can contact with experience to get their perspective. You’re already in a great place! There is a large archive here, invest the time and read up, it’s critical to get these decisions right. Bridging that information divide will save, and make you more money.

The online business world is still in its infancy and continually developing and changing. To be successful online and keep ahead of your competition you have to minimise risk. Keep the movement in what you do, mix your strategy up, test, and keep up to speed from all relevant resource channels, and from people who specialise in online business strategy.