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Hi I’m Catherine, today I’ll be talking about a Google update and a content marketing tactic we’re using.

Google recently alerted webmasters that Chrome will start to show a warning to all users if a site is not secure.

It is secure if you have an SSL certificate. SSL acts as a padlock that encrypts the contents of a website and the information sent to the server or host.

This is shown to users by the domain starting with https://

Now to be clear if you pay attention to Google and Chrome updates it is likely that you have been hearing warnings along these lines
for the last couple of years.

The news is that as of October, it’s being enforced.

This move ensures that users are given a higher level of protection and security when inputting their personal data on websites.

So it now applies to all websites with input fields.

The reality of this update is that it impacts the majority of websites out there.

Previously sites without https were only shown as ‘Not Secure’ in the browser if there was a credit card transaction.

In the past the discussion around implementing an SSL certificate has often begged the query – does it impact your SEO?

Well, in 2014 it was announced as one of the ranking signals that Google takes into account.

Across the industry we started recommending it as another lever to pull in your SEO arsenal.

Now it is undoubtedly something that is no longer a recommendation or optional but should be considered a critical part of your website.

No user wants to see a Not Secure or warning message in their browser – if that was to appear it would definitely impact the conversion rate of your website.

This update and call to action is clear – if your website does not have an SSL certificate then you have until October to update your site accordingly.

SSL Certificates are relatively inexpensive and your web developer can assist with installing it. A no brainer.

When looking for information about the Google warning about SSL certificates, I came across an article from Neil Patel that ranked very highly.

The problem was that it outlined information relating back to the warning released in 2014.

On clicking through to the content I was unable to find relevant updates to 2017, and as a result bounced back to the search results page.

When looking on this subject lots of the content was from authoritative sources, but they were all dating back to 2015 and 2014.

Whilst your content might be on Page 1 it is not guaranteed a click through if users see it is not up to date or relevant to this year.

This reminded me to share a tactic we’ve been using this year. Taking a high-ranking page and improving its overall quality and length, and also updating stats or information can have a real impact on your performance.

By completing these updates we have seen impressive results for some of our clients, with some pages seeing as much as a 300% increase in traffic after 2 months.

Making updates to the content could also then land you in a featured snippet, which if you watched my previous video can be another big win for traffic and for your site’s visibility.

Ongoing with SEO the challenge is maintaining relevancy and increasing your authority in the eyes of Google.

So often people are looking for the new piece of content or the new idea to get them results.

With this strategy it’s about taking a step back and looking at what you have already created.

Google wants to serve users the best and most up to date, relevant and authoritative information.

Why create something new when you could in fact leverage a piece of content that is already successful and build on it further.

You can update the links or CTAs in the content, update stats or information with recent data instead.

If you have any questions please leave them below and thanks for watching.

Catherine Dix

Catherine Dix

Head of Digital Consulting at Webprofits
As the Head of Digital Consulting, Catherine is focused on the quality and excellent delivery of services for all of Webprofits clients.

Catherine is responsible for managing the consulting team and our service capability across Australia, Singapore and the US.

With over 8 years experience in Digital Marketing, Catherine is adept at advising C-suite executives on how to build successful digital strategies for growth.

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