3 Simple Tips For Improving The Performance of Your Website’s Home Page

Your website’s home page is the window to your website and your business. It is often the first interaction a prospect has with your business, and is critical to the performance of your online marketing. Yet why do so many businesses get it wrong?

Here are 3 simple tips you can use to improve the performance of your website’s home page…

1. It’s A Snapshot

What should someone understand from the first impression of your Home Page? Should they understand the entirety of your business in the blink of an eye?

Is this even possible?

The answer is, “Kind of.”

The trick is to provide a snapshot of your business by displaying a core message backed up by an exciting overview of your business, all the while utilising great imagery and strong messaging to draw the eye.

Technically, of course, the navigation is your access to the entirety of the site however there’s a limit to how exciting or descriptive navigation can be.

That being the case you need to use strong banner design in terms of imagery and message and follow that same theme and combination throughout the Home Page utilising icons, images, points of difference and success, to generate interest in a blink of an eye and tell a brief but compelling story about your business.

Which brings me to point two.

2. Get To The Point

Say what you do and say it as simply and clearly as possible.

What is often the case is that even when this is successfully enunciated it’s often in paragraph three of eight of far too much information for a Home Page.

When someone lands on your Home Page their eyes and brain go into full scan mode, zipping about the place in an attempt to understand where they are, what you do and why they should stay. The more complicated your message the harder it will be for them to make the decision to stay and delve deeper into your website.

Even three words that are compelling can do the trick.

For our purposes it might be – “Need A Website?”

If the answer’s “Yes” then in an instant your brain has answered two questions. The second being that very simple question that’s asked upon the arrival of every new web page – “Am I in the right place?”

You want the answer to be immediately – “Yes.”

3. A Picture Tells 1000 Words

The problem is the wrong picture tells a thousand words in the wrong direction or at worst debunks the old adage completely and says absolutely nothing at all.

The absence of strong imagery is just a wasted opportunity. And we don’t want to waste any opportunities when it comes to communicating your message.

The right imagery works in tandem with your clear and concise message (as above) and delivers your message on a number of levels instantaneously.

This approach and depth of communication is the basis of great design and is the reason why you must utilise design to enhance and deliver your message. Without it you’re at least 900 words short on impact.

The easy way to consider this approach is the way in which human beings process information as we read, literally, left to right and piece-by-piece. The way we process the depth of detail in an image is instantaneous hence the thousand word adage. Therefore the strength of great web design is the way in which we are able to take a literal message, form it into graphics, combine it with imagery and produce the same powerful result as the 1000 words adage.

In fact let’s start a new adage right here:

“A great design tells 1003 words.”

Ben Marr

Ben Marr