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Case Study: Should you use parallax design?

Online marketing is a rapidly evolving industry with new trends popping up all the time. Knowing which ones are fads and which ones you should embrace is essential to maximising the performance of your campaigns. One recent trend in design is the use of...Read more

The 10 most important lessons I learned about online marketing

I’ve learned a lot since I started marketing online in 2004. But there have been a few core lessons that have made the biggest difference in how I approach online marketing, and the results I’ve been able to achieve. Here are the top 10 lessons I...Read more

Case study: How a simple headline change improved conversions by 52.8%

I often talk about the importance that a headline plays in the performance of a website, but it can be hard to understand what kind of impact it can really have without seeing it in action. So in this article I’ll share a case study on how a simple ...Read more

How to remove a Manual Penalty from Google

We’re currently in a transitionary period in SEO, where the old rules are dead and a new era of SEO prevails. The problem is, many of the SEO tactics that used to get your website ranked at the top of Google can now actually hurt your rankings, oft...Read more

Case study: How a landing page re-design increased conversions by 108%

Often times, the best way to increase the conversion rate of a page is to re-design it completely. Here’s a case study that shows the impact that an entirely new landing page can have on the conversion rate. What we tested? Mazda Discounts helps pe...Read more

How to make great content that Google will love

It’s official – the SEO gods have decreed that great quality content helps your website rank in search engines. But it does a lot more than that. Content funnels traffic to your website, builds a relationship with your audience, and bulks out you...Read more

Landing Pages – June 2014 update

Every business should be leveraging landing pages as part of their online marketing strategy. Why? Because the competition online is growing at a rapid rate, and the website with the highest conversion rate wins. And nothing converts better than a landing...Read more

Google Panda 4.0 – What you need to know

When Google launches a new algorithm update, the world listens. The last major algorithm update it launched was Penguin 2.0, which was one of the biggest algorithm updates in the history of SEO. So what’s Panda 4.0 about? How does Panda affect SEO? Goog...Read more

Case study: Where should your button link to?

Through many years of split-testing we have found that the key to a successful “above-the-fold” section of a website or landing page is a well-written headline and a strong call-to-action. But where should the call-to-action button link to...Read more

What’s happening with Facebook?

There’s no hiding the fact that Facebook is constantly changing… and not just for us as personal users of the social network. Working in social media means we see these changes before our very eyes. We know when they’re testing different ideas, conc...Read more

Case Study – Google Hotel Price Ads

Google has launched an exciting new ad format called Google Hotel Price Ads. Hotel price ads feature hotel prices and availability next to organic results on Google search results, Google Maps, Hotel Finder and Google+ Local. The below screenshot shows ...Read more

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