How we doubled sales for one of our clients

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I had lunch with a client last Friday to talk through their online marketing…

One of the comments they made at lunch was that in a market where everyone else is having a hard time, their business was growing.

In fact, we achieved their best month ever online, every single month for the last 5 months.

Here’s how we did it…

Last year we launched a new approach to online marketing that we refer to as Fluid Online Marketing – it’s where we manage a client’s entire online marketing campaign, including their ad budget, and implement every tactic at our disposal to achieve their goal.

When clients come to us for Fluid Online Marketing, they usually have a goal to either increase revenue or sales leads, and then we’re responsible for making it happen.

We’re like their outsourced online marketing team.

It’s great for them because they don’t need to think about what tactics or channels they need to invest in each month, they have full accountability on results, and they can focus on growing their business.

And it’s great for us because we can pull any and all levers at our disposal to hit their goal… plus we can change the approach and advertising budget in real time to where we can get the best results.

So how did we double sales for this client?

Here’s the approach we used to double sales for our client…

  1. The first step was taking over their Google Adwords. It was their main source for new leads but the cost per lead was quite high and we couldn’t push volume at that spend.
  2. We developed new landing pages for each of their core services so we could maximise the return from their current ad spend.
  3. We then developed an automated email sequence that supported the sales process, which predominantly happened by phone. We setup 7 emails that were sent out once a week from the time the customer enquired.
  4. We setup remarketing on the website and landing pages, and we advertised to the remarketing audience on Facebook, Instagram and the Google Display Network.
  5. We developed a content strategy that incorporated videos and articles, and published them on a weekly basis.
  6. We then emailed their database and promoted the content on Facebook and Instagram to their remarketing audience and to lookalike audiences.
  7. We leveraged Facebook Lead Ads to convert customers who visited the website.
  8. We ran video ads on Facebook and Instagram to Interest categories and then use remarketing to convert them into leads.
  9. We built out custom landing pages for every single ad group in Google Adwords to really increase performance so we could get the absolute maximum number of conversions from every dollar spent.
  10. We tested those landing pages to increase the conversion rate even further.
  11. We built out another automated email sequence for another one of their key services, and we’ll look at building out an automated email sequence for every one of their services.
  12. We launched campaigns on Bing – and while they don’t drive a lot of volume, they do generate enough new sales leads a month to make it worth it.
  13. We’re currently in the process of redesigning their new website so we can increase both lead quality and conversions.
  14. And we’re growing their organic rankings to capture an even larger share of the market, through content marketing, technical optimisation and link building.

We’ve also experimented with a few different campaigns to see if we could identify new lead sources in a creative way. They didn’t get the results we wanted so we stopped them and are continually looking for other angles as well, which is the approach you need to take to maximise the online space.

Most importantly, we’re able to launch new campaigns fast, we can test out new channels as they become available, and we’re constantly moving quickly to drive revenue every single month.

And this is just the beginning…

That’s how we did it.

And we’ve done the same for many other Fluid Online Marketing clients (just with different tactics than this one, as every client is different).

If you’re interested in finding out how we would implement a fluid online marketing strategy for your business, click here to contact us.

Alex Cleanthous

Alex Cleanthous

Director of Strategy + Innovation at Webprofits
Alex Cleanthous is an entrepreneur, writer, technologist, and marketing leader. He is Co-Founder of Webprofits, Australia’s largest private digital consultancy. With more than 20 years experience in the digital space, Alex stays at the forefront of digital innovation, strategy, and execution identifying new markets, platforms, and tools to keep pace with the exponential expansion of technology.

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