Episode 12: Is Google Plus worth it?

In this episode Alex talks about why Google is trying so hard to establish its own social network, how it’s performing so far, and whether you should invest in it or not.

Alex Cleanthous

Alex Cleanthous

Chief Innovation Officer at Web Profits

Alex Cleanthous is Chief Innovation Officer at Web Profits. With more than 10 years experience in online marketing, Alex is always on the lookout for smarter, faster and more scalable ways to achieve maximum growth with minimum spend.

One comment

  1. Adrian says:

    Hmm interesting.

    Even if 1000’s of people aren’t going to share your site on google+ i think it’s worth while and even the fact it isn’t so popular might be an advantage.

    I was recently in the states and noticed it’s a lot more wide spread there. When you google a service / company they would have a lot more ratings and reviews. Like i was noticing most businesses had a solid couple dozen reviews at least.

    As a tourist i’d search things like masseuse, snorkelling tour etc and most times the google+ rating/reviews would be what would get me over the line as a sale.

    Given i am a GenY that lets urban spoon dictate where i have every meal have but when i was on my phone googling services having the ratings there helped me make quick decisions on small things.

    It’s not like it costs much and the fact it’s barely used means you only need a few good 5 star ratings to stand out from the other 99% of businesses that don’t have any ratings.

    Also i remember back in the day people were saying it only took 3 google+ reviews to help your ranking. Was that true?

    Though i am totally no expert in the field!

    October 10th, 2014 at 2:40 pm