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What Ales loves about digital.

“I just LOVE uncovering opportunities that have a potential to transform businesses...”

I just LOVE uncovering opportunities that have a potential to transform businesses and help them grow. Most often it’s the simple ideas that make the biggest impact and that’s the exciting bit for me - coming up with ideas like that.

“I’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with Ales over the last 7 years in two different businesses I’ve founded. While everyone you meet these days claims to be a digital growth expert, Ales actually is.

Having worked in senior marketing functions for nearly 3 decades, it’s rare to find people with Ales’s talent, skills, ability and work ethic. He is a rare find indeed, which is why I continue to come to him when starting a new business to ensure everything is set up correctly from day 1 for maximum growth opportunities. Not only is he great at navigating, explaining and implementing marketing ideas in the digital environment, he also has the lived experience to take his ideas offline into the retailer environment to ensure offline support online and vice versa.

Having built his skills from the early days of social media right through to implementing the latest thinking in AI opportunities, Ales is indeed the “go-to guy” for optimising online growth strategies.”

Anthony McDonough

Co-Founder & Director at Unlabelled

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