An open invitation to SEO Junkies

Hey there,

My name’s Alex Cleanthous and I’m the Chief Innovation Officer at Web Profits (LinkedIn Profile).

I’m currently on the lookout for SEO Junkies who want to join our fast-paced, work hard / play hard team.

Keep reading to find out why…

Why SEO Junkies?

I recently invited entrepreneurs to join our organisation as a way to take their online marketing skills to the next level by working on other people’s online advertising and conversion optimisation campaigns and we found 2 awesome people who have joined our CRO team. You can read that letter here.

I’m now looking for SEO Junkies to join our SEO team.

What do I mean when I say ‘SEO Junkie’?

I mean someone who lives and breathes SEO…

Someone who loves everything about SEO because of the results it can achieve…

Keyword research. Onsite optimisation. Link building. Structured data. Content outreach. Analytics. Optimisation. Everything…

Someone who reads Moz, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Roundtable – and the rest…

Because they love it…

Because they’re drawn to it…

Because they want the edge that will help them rank a website at the top of Google faster and easier than ever before.

I’m looking for SEO Junkies to join our team because I want people who will innovate how we do SEO, who will bring new ideas to the table, who will constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible so we can help our clients achieve success faster than they ever thought possible.

An entrepreneurial company at its core

Web Profits is a very entrepreneurial organisation…

At any one time there are a numerous people in our team who have ventures running on the side.

And we support it wholeheartedly.


Something truly amazing happens when you invest your own money into online marketing..

You learn faster and at a far deeper level than any training program can provide.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was 21 (I’m 36 now) and I’m still looking for the next ‘big thing’ to sink my teeth into. That’s how I keep improving my skills, day-in and day-out.

And I support anyone who wants to do the same.

What we do at Web Profits

At the core, our aim at Web Profits is to help our clients grow fast using every online marketing tactic we have at our disposal…

SEO, Adwords, Facebook Ads, display ads, social media, email marketing, landing pages, web design, you name it… if it can help us ‘make more money’ for our clients, we test it out, figure out how to make it profitable and then roll it out to our clients.

To add to that, we’re currently working on some very innovative approaches to really help our clients take their companies to the next level.

We’re serious about training

We take training very seriously at Web Profits – the better you are, the better results you achieve for our clients, and the faster we’ll grow. Simple.

But it’s not your standard training…

I find the very best courses from entrepreneurs who have made millions of dollars themselves and have created a course teaching people what they’ve learnt (the hard way).

I also look for the latest strategies out of the US, buy the best courses available on the topic, and then share it with everyone in the company.

We’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on these high-impact ‘home study’ courses and make them available to everyone in the company.

But we don’t just leave it with you… you’ll also create a training plan of what you plan to learn over the next 12 months.

You can choose courses about SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Adwords, Social Media Marketing, Direct-Response Copywriting, Google Analytics, Web Design, Strategy, Sales, Productivity and anything else you think will help you be a better online marketer.

Because the more you understand the details about every part of an online marketing strategy, the better you’ll be able to run an SEO campaign.

The best way to learn is through implementation

Completing a training program is one thing… but applying it to an online marketing campaign is completely different.

That’s why we expect you to implement everything you learn on the campaigns you manage on a daily basis.

We work at a very fast pace at Web Profits… it’s common to hear the statement ‘I can’t believe it’s already 4.30pm!’.

That’s because people in our team are fully engaged in what they’re doing – it’s a combination of doing really challenging things that fit with what you want (and like) to do. I refer to this as ‘flow’.

Our aim is to get you into ‘flow’ as quickly as possible because that’s where you’ll achieve optimum performance.

Being an SEO Junkie is one thing… but applying what you know to other businesses, and learning the latest and most innovative strategies for growing a business online, will take your skills to the next level (where you can actually make a lot of money for yourself).

What do we expect from you?

We’ve created an environment where you can learn, test things out, and even run your own ventures on the side – that’s right, we really support that (and we may even invest in one of your ideas!).

In exchange we expect you to be 100% committed to Web Profits and its clients when you’re in the office.

We have daily departmental meetings, a weekly meeting with the entire team…

And on the last Friday of each month we finish up at lunchtime and head out to have some fun – sometimes it’s an activity in the park, other times it’s a pub lunch, other times we break out the decks in the office and chill out for the afternoon.

We do this as a reward for the month that’s been, and so that people can catch up with the rest of the team in a more social environment.

There’s also a foosball table (courtesy of Google), a Playstation, an Xbox, a drone and nerf guns… so you can clear you mind and come back to the campaigns fresh.

We’d also like you to stay with us for at least 2 years (that’s probably how long it will take you to learn everything you need to know anyway). And hopefully (because of the environment we’ve created) you’ll stay with us much longer.

What kind of people are we looking for?

We’re looking for self-starters who are hungry to learn and take the initiative to bring new ideas to the table, push the boundaries of what’s possible, and continually innovate how we produce results for our clients.

You don’t necessarily need experience in other companies doing the job we’re looking at hiring you for (although that works too) but you do need to show us what you’ve done for yourself, what you’ve learnt from the experience and what you can bring to the table.

Next steps…

If this sounds like you, then I’d love to hear from you.

Send a cover letter to outlining what you’ve done, what you’ve learnt from the experience and what you can bring to the table.

We’re always on the lookout for talented people and can often see talent where others can’t.

If we like what we see, we’ll be in touch to organise a casual interview and see if we’re a good fit for one another.

All the best,

Alex Cleanthous
Chief Innovation Officer
Web Profits

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