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What Matt loves about digital.

“Marketing is fun, full stop. ”

I’ve worked since I was 12 years old in everything from Fish & Chip shops, hardware stores, cold calling centres and youth institutions, and there’s nothing that gets the dopamine firing like attacking a new marketing challenge alongside talented people and businesses that you can learn from every single day.

No two marketers are ever the same, and the consistent introduction of new problems and changing behaviours in our economy and our world make everything that little bit more exciting.

I’m all about instilling growth into everything I touch - it’s my ‘WHY’ - and I always aim to leave something better than I found it.

Matt is one of the hardest working and dedicated leaders I know – he is truly someone who will put the interests of the team before his own. I can recall multiple instances where I've observed Matt face difficult goals or stakeholder challenges, and he has always approached these situations with integrity and commitment. As a leader, in these situations, Matt has a natural ability to inspire action, garnering trust and confidence from his clients and teams. This quality is a testament to his capacity to build strong and meaningful relationships. Personally and professionally, I've learnt a lot working with Matt over the last two and a half years.

Brendan Connaughton

Growth Lead,

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